These Three Kings - Dean Karnazes - Jonny Moseley - Gary Fisher


These Three Kings

In the name of inspiration, Weekend Sherpa asked three Bay Area superstars—Dean Karnazes, Jonny Moseley, and Gary Fisher—to reveal their favorite local destinations for working up a sweat and cooling down afterward. Here’s what they told us:

Dean Karnazes and Brad Day of Weekend Sherpa

The Never-Ending Runner

Dean Karnazes
Home: San Francisco.
Activity: Trail Running
Favorite Destination: Dipsea Trail, Marin

“I love nothing more than to walk out my front door in San Francisco and start running,” says ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes. “I might run for an hour, or for a day. I meet people along the way, watch the sunset, watch the moon fill the sky; it’s rejuvenating to me.” If you can catch him, you may find Karnazes blazing down Marin’s classic Dipsea Trail, which stretches from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach and over Mt. Tam. “The smell of the ocean, the views, the intensity of the terrain—all make for a memorable experience.” When he’s done with the Dipsea, Karnazes favors grabbing a salad at Pluto’s on Scott St., hanging out at Peet’s, or heading home to his kids. Karnazes offers this advice to all “woulda-coulda-shoulda” runners: “Find something that you’re passionate about and pursue it. Running might not be your thing, and that’s fine. Maybe it’s mountain biking or rock climbing. If you’re not looking forward to it every day, then find something else that your heart is into.” We’ll run with that.

More information on the Dipsea Trail

Pluto’s, 3258 Scott St., SF; 415-775-8867.

Jonny Moseley

Golden Boy

Jonny Moseley
Home: Tiburon
Activity: Skiing
Favorite Destination: KT-22 at Squaw Valley

The Olympic gold medalist’s favorite run is—drum roll, please—the mogul-dotted wild child known as “Moseley’s Run,” located off of KT-22. His namesake is a keepsake: Moseley trained here every weekend growing up. His other favorite run? “I like hiking up to Granite Chief peak,” he tells us. “Not only because it has some nice rock features to hit, but it also has a little bit of sustained steep. The bonus is the hike will burn some calories, which makes the beer taste better.” Mmm. “If you’re not into hiking,” he adds, “the snow in the north bowl of Headwall is always good for a steep and fast time.” As for that beer, you’ll likely find Moseley kicking back at Balboa Cafe in Squaw Village, though he still has a fond affection for the Loft Bar.

More information on Squaw Valley.

Balboa Cafe, The Village at Squaw Valley; 530-583-5850.

MOSELEY’S TIP: For a good time, hit Hot Dog: The Movie’s 25th anniversary party at Squaw Valley this Saturday. Lather on the zinc oxide and dress accordingly. More information

Gary Fisher Mt. Tam

That Elusive Bike Guy

Gary Fisher
Home: San Anselmo
Activity: Mountain Biking
Favorite Destination: Mount Tamalpais, Marin

Gary’s loop is only for those crackin’ at a chance to kill their thigh muscles in what amounts to the pedal of the century for hardcore bikers. Fisher discovered the route 20 years ago, and was immediately inspired by the challenge it threw him. “It’s an Olympic-style double-track, with a little bit of single-track and the most beautiful paved roads in the world,” he says. “The only way you can do it is with a mountain bike.” Most bikers should give themselves ample time, plenty of water, and an iron will for the ride. “It’s an advanced ride that will take you three to four hours on a good day if you’re hauling ass.” What’s the payoff? “You can see all of Mt. Tam, ocean views and lakes, and not much civilization,” he says. Now that’s a ride to remember.

TIP: It’s not a great idea to tackle Fisher’s trails after some hearty rains. Wait for drier soil, then go for it. Best of luck to you—and may the wind be at your back!

Directions: Begin in San Anselmo. From there your long climb continues on to Natalie Coffin Greene Park in Ross, following the roads heading up Eldridge Grade and onto Mt. Tam. When you get to the top, turn right and continue down Ridgecrest Blvd. along the spine of Mt. Tam and past the radar station, veering onto the Bolinas Ridge Fire Road all the way to Peter’s Dam – Shafter Grade. Continue this monster loop on San Geronimo Ridge Rd. Finish with the historic “Repack” trail into Fairfaxand a slice of old-world apple streusel at Cafe Amsterdam. Take Sir Francis Drake Blvd. back to your car.

Café Amsterdam, 23 Broadway St., Farifax; 415-256-8020.

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