Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 08.14.14

    Here's to Robin
    As you probably know by now, this week we lost one of the Bay Area’s best friends, Robin Williams. His love for Northern California and ability to put a smile on people’s faces is something that inspires us. We put together a few local adventures in his honor.
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  • 08.7.14

    Grand Prize
    In National Lampoon’s Vacation Clark Griswold stands at the famed South Rim of the Grand Canyon and barely gives it a glance. Don’t be Clark! Here are three amazing vista hikes taking you to lesser-known parts of the park. Start planning ahead and go Grand!
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  • 07.31.14

    Wait for it...
    So you’re a bit of a procrastinator? Good thing the great outdoors has nothing against that! There are only a few weeks left in the 2014 Weekend Sherpa Adventure Challenge, and we want to see all of your beautiful faces getting in on the action! Here are a few ideas to get you out there.
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  • 07.24.14

    Tamtastic Hikes and Picnics
    Ready to go on a picnic? How about one right near a trailhead on Mount Tam? Here are three top places to pack the bread, the cheese, and the hiking boots!
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  • 07.17.14

    Keep Tahoe Fun
    Time flies when you’re having fun….in North Lake Tahoe! With so much to explore, where do you even start? How about right here: this hike, bike ride, and paddle are bound to put a grin on your face.
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  • 07.10.14

    Summer Camp
    Some of the Bay Area’s best camping is an hour or less away—in our beautiful state parks! From the North Bay, to a sweet spot right on the Bay, here are three top spots for creating that perfect pitch.
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  • 07.3.14

    Go Fourth It!
    It's America's birthday this Friday: What are you up to?! Make it a star-spangled weekend outside, where your red, white, and blue are totally natural hues.
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  • 06.26.14

    Bonus Sherpa: Summer Events
    It’s officially summer, the days are longer, life’s good in the Bay Area! Get out and celebrate at any of these outdoor events involving food, wine, music, stars, and more! (PS: You can use them for the Adventure Challenge, too!)
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