Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 04.17.14

    Down to Earth
    Easter Sunday, Earth Day Tuesday, National Park Week starting this weekend—got plans? Here are a few ways to get your Easter color from nature and make the most of your green!
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  • 04.10.14

    Edible Outdoors
    Good eats in the great outdoors? Yes please! Here are some ways to combine farm fresh food and a breath of fresh air.
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  • 04.3.14

    That's Wild!
    Everything good is happening in Monterey County right now: wildflowers, waterfalls, and wildlife giving birth! Are you there yet? Make it a Monterey weekend away!
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  • 03.27.14

    Spring into Healdsburg
    Healdsburg may be best known for Michelin-rated restaurants and 90-point wines, but there’s another side to this wine country burg! Get there this spring for some hiking, biking, and beachside lounging. Wine and beer tastings included!
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  • 03.20.14

    Short Cut to the Coast
    The days are longer and yet the weekends somehow still feel too short! Whether it’s after work or starting your Saturday, make the most of the extra daylight by taking some short hikes that highlight the coast.
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  • 03.13.14

    Get Your Green, And Your Beer
    St. Patrick's Day is on its way. Plan on seeing green this weekend? Take your beer goggles off … and you’ll still be seeing green on any of these outdoor adventures with nice vantages! (Beer bonuses included.)
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  • 03.6.14

    Wild About Waterfalls
    Thanks to the recent rain some of the Bay Area’s waterfalls are going with the flow. Find them on any of these nice hikes. H2-Ohhhyeah!
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  • 02.27.14

    Cinematic Scenery
    With the Academy Awards this weekend, it got us thinking: cinematic scenery is pretty easy to come by when you live in Northern California. Here are our picks for best achievements in outdoor beauty.
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