Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 05.26.11

    Triple Scoop
    It’s officially the unofficial start of summer. Here’s the scoop on making the most of your three-day weekend.
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  • 05.19.11

    Wet Feat
    By river or sea, California is on the cutting edge of water adventures. Here are three exciting ways to conquer the wet-and-wilds!
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  • 05.12.11

    Go for Gold
    It’s not called the Golden State for nothing. Right now the foothills of northern Gold Country are a treasure trove of spring beauty. Cash in on it.
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  • 05.5.11

    Seeing Reds
    The stunning redwoods in Big Basin are always crowd pleasers, but to get a little alone time with these tall beauties, sneak away to some secret stashes in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Here are three loop hikes that will have you seeing reds!
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  • 04.28.11

    Color Wheel
    March’s fickle weather kept wildflowers under wraps, but now they’re out—bright, bold and ready for their closeup. Roll with the season on any of these bike rides through the blooms!
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  • 04.21.11

    Earth Tones
    Tomorrow is Earth Day and we’re setting the tone for a weekend filled with hot wheels, boot heels and water reels. Get out and celebrate!
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  • 04.14.11

    Walk the Line
    Next Monday, April 18, marks the 105th anniversary of The Great San Francisco Earthquake. Take a little time to discover more about the famous fault lines in the greater Bay Area on any of these three trails.
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  • 04.7.11

    Bonus Sherpa: Spring Break
    California’s outdoors are bursting at the seams. Whether its hitting the snow or going with the flow, now’s the time to spring into adventure!
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