Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 09.1.11

    Labor Day Escapes
    Labor Day may be the unofficial end of summer, but it’s also the unofficial start of our Indian Summer. Kick off the season with any of these ready-to-go adventures.
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  • 08.25.11

    Art Alfresco
    Some of the Bay Area’s most original art isn't found inside the walls of popular museums. Here are three outdoor venues that offer a breath of fresh air.
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  • 08.18.11

    Bikes & Bites
    What makes a good bike ride great? Following it up with a bite to eat! Here’s a three-course sampler of terrific pedals and tasty treats.
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  • 08.11.11

    Before the Parks Go Dark
    Remember how huge a backyard seemed when you were a kid? So much room to explore. Our state’s designated open spaces have become our shared backyard—an accessible place for getting outdoors. But things are shrinking: The proposed state budget plans to close 70 parks within the year, and these three unsung gems are on the hit list. Catch them while you can.
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  • 08.4.11

    River Runs
    It’s the middle of summer and a prime time to take a dip, make a splash, or just relax on the sidelines at any of these three river destinations. Soak it up!
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  • 07.28.11

    Urban Hikes
    Secret stairways, yoga with a view, and hilltop parks: here are three hikes to escape the city, within city limits!
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  • 07.21.11

    Take a Peak
    It’s the peak of summer. Set your sights on some beautiful horizons by hiking to any of these three summits. Rise and shine!
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  • 07.14.11

    Bonus Sherpa: Picnic Pleasures
    Don’t let the fog days of summer dampen your spirits. Beat the gloom with an afternoon at any of these prime picnic spots.
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