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  • 12.26.13

    Best of 2013
    One of the most fun things we do all year is get together to decide on our Top 10 list. In no particular order, here are the best of 2013’s Weekend Sherpa recommendations for getting out and exploring the great outdoors—local style (and a little beyond)!
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  • 12.19.13

    Holiday Mixer
    Happy holidays from Weekend Sherpa!  Keep an eye out for next week’s Top 10 Adventures from 2013. In the meantime, deck the trails with some festive fun.
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  • 12.12.13

    Higher Education Exploration
    There's never been a better time than the holidays to head back to college. We're not talking about signing up for Econ 101. Rather, stroll around checking out sculptures, gardens, and other collections at campuses where students are wrapping up exams and heading home, leaving plenty of room to explore.
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  • 12.5.13

    Fresh Air Saturday
    Black Friday, Cyber Monday … sometimes you just need Fresh Air Saturday. From bike rides and beers to farm charms and a kissing trail, here are some great ways to be festive without too much fuss!
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  • 11.28.13

    Feast for Your Eyes
    Happy Thanksgiving! After the food and football, set your sights on some state parks for a change of scenery!
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  • 11.21.13

    Shake Your Trail Feathers
    Thanksgiving is coming in hot—ready for your urban turkey trot? San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco make it easy with trails everyone can enjoy—including the dog! Shake, shake, shake your trail feathers!
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  • 11.14.13

    Liquid Refreshment
    This year's lack of rain has us wondering where all the water's gone. Maybe we should: Do a little rain dance. Take a little hike. Get outdoors this weekend! The North Bay's got some excellent waterside respites for you to go find some H2-Oh!
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  • 11.7.13

    Horizon Hotspots
    We’ve just turned back the clocks and already the shorter days are showing a bright side. Sunsets this time of year are brilliant! From San Francisco to roosts around the bay, here’s the skinny on horizon-gazing hotspots.
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