Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 01.14.10

    Bonus Sherpa: Ride On
    It's the heart of winter—put a good spin on your weekend with one of these Bay Area bike rides.
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  • 01.14.10

    Warming Huts

    Warm up this winter by gliding into any of these backcountry huts. Hut, hut, go!

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  • 01.7.10

    Sea Up Close

    Touched a bright starfish lately? Watched a camouflaged seahorse float by? Viewed a sea lion from just a few feet away? This winter, get up close and personal to some celebrities of the sea.

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  • 12.31.09

    Top 10 of 2009

    Along with New Year's comes Top 10 lists. Through all the hikes, bike rides, kayak trips, and secluded lodges, comes some of our favorite California adventures from 2009. Here's to local wanderlust!

    - Brad Day, Publisher

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  • 12.24.09

    Just Getting Warmed Up
    Happy holidays from Weekend Sherpa! Don't get left out in the cold; celebrate with some ready-for-winter outings. Take a holiday stroll at
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  • 12.17.09

    The Long Good Night

    The nights are long and the days are short. But look on the bright side: Monday is winter solstice—marking the longest night of the year; meaning that longer days are coming soon. Get into the solstice spirit!

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  • 12.10.09

    Sip and Stroll

    Miles of hiking trails, family-run wineries, and plenty of holiday cheer make the Santa Cruz Mountains a great destination for festive fun. Here are three places to stroll, sip and celebrate the season.

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  • 12.3.09

    Yule Go for It

    The holidays are in high gear! Don’t worry­—we’ve got you covered: from the perfect holiday hike, to where to get your Christmas tree, to what to give the person who has everything.

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