Northern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 08.21.08

    Marquee Mendocino

    It’s easy to see why Mendocino has been the location for more than 50 films, including classics like James Dean’s "East of Eden." With its small town charms and the natural beauty of redwood forests, blue-green bays, and rocky headlands, Mendocino is an ideal backdrop for your next great escape.  

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  • 08.14.08

    Late Summer Slowdown

    As summer comes to a close, wind things down with these relaxing outings. Just be sure to get 'em before they're gone

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  • 08.7.08

    Full Moon Fever

    Sure, Marin is a great place to play on a weekend afternoon. But have you been there at night? The next full moon is August 16. And we’ve got full moon fever!  

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  • 07.31.08

    Edible Escapes

    Like food? Like hikes? Then you're sure to like these picnic-and-hike combos, where trails and taste buds unite.  

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  • 07.24.08

    Cabin Camping

    Escaping overnight into the outdoors doesn't have to mean pitching a tent or spending big bucks on fancy lodges. These three hideaways are excellent bets for getting rugged—with a real roof over your head! Book them now for September and October, prime times for sun, fun, and ahhhhhh-relaxation.  

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  • 07.17.08

    Fun Dips

    Grab the swimsuit and the sunscreen; it's time to hit the water at these three under-the-radar swimming holes. "Cannonball!"  

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  • 07.10.08

    Sherpa's Choice

    A few months ago Weekend Sherpa and Patagonia asked subscribers to submit story ideas. The entries arrived, the suggestions were great, and—with just a little help from Weekend Sherpa editors—here are the winning stories. Write on, Weekend Sherpa readers.

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  • 07.3.08

    I Tunes

    Keeping it close to home this Independence Day weekend? Then catch some live tunes at any of these Bay Area music events. Happy Fourth!  

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