Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 11.19.15

    Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, there’s a lot going on. Take a deep breath … it’s time to have a little fun outdoors. It’s time for #FreshAirSaturday.
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  • 11.12.15

    Desert Dreamy
    This time of year Joshua Tree National Park's vast desert landscape looks even more golden with autumn's low-slung sun, and at night the sky fills with bold stars. From hiking to camping to exploring whimsical scenery—here's how to see Joshua Tree.
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  • 11.5.15

    Cool Hikes for Autumn
    Now that the weather's a little cooler, a fall hike not only sounds good, it looks good too! Here's a refresher on a few to do this season. Step outdoors!
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  • 10.29.15

    Haunted Hikes
    It's Halloween weekend, so get after it on any of these three hikes that'll take you from searching for ghosts to finding a hidden grotto. Boo-yeah!
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  • 10.22.15

    Giant Escape
    Fires devastated large areas of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks this past summer, but things are clearing up for their 125th anniversary and there's still plenty to see and do. From spooky spelunking and stargazing beneath giant sequoias to hikes less traveled and lovely lodges, here's a day-and-night itinerary.
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  • 10.15.15

    Harvest and Hike Combos
    Farm fresh to you: Combining a hike with a u-pick farm, a farmer’s market, and a farm sanctuary for animals.
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  • 10.8.15

    Wild Hikes
    The San Bernardino National Forest is an 800,000-acre playground of deep canyons, soaring peaks, and five separate wilderness areas. Here are three day-hikes worth going wild for!
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  • 10.1.15

    National Parks: Sand-Seeker
    Some of California's best sandy havens are found in our national parks! Here are three worth an autumn visit.
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