Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 02.26.15

    Bike to Beer
    Los Angeles and "beer scene" haven’t always gone together, but that's changing. Upstart breweries are earning accolades across the Southland and so are the bike trails that lead to them. Here are three bike-to-brews rides that go down smooth.
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  • 02.19.15

    Oscars for the Outdoors
    The Academy Awards are this Sunday, but before you sit down to toast cinematic excellence on the big screen, enjoy the bigger picture by heading outdoors to hike, bike, and explore a few local spots that made their way to stardom. And—action!
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  • 02.12.15

    Romance Ready!
    Caught without a plan this Valentine's Day weekend? Here are some great ways to turn things on in the great outdoors. Whoopeee!
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  • 02.5.15

    Trails Less Traveled
    With so many popular places to hike in Los Angeles, where do you go to escape the crowds? How about to those same popular places… Here are three ways to get off the beaten path in some of LA's busiest hiking hot spots.
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  • 01.29.15

    Morning Glory
    Add some buzz-factor to your mornings on any of these three sunrise hikes with cafés and good coffee close by.
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  • 01.22.15

    Urban Stairway Hikes
    This New Year, ups and downs are guaranteed … and that’s a great thing if you’re doing any of these three urban stairway hikes with great views. Step up to 2015!
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  • 01.15.15

    Time for Tahoe
    It's home to the largest alpine lake in North America, some of the world’s best ski resorts, and off-the-beaten path places for finding fun or solitude. Tahoe in winter is true blue, and ready for you!
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  • 01.8.15

    Peak Perspective
    Start the New Year with a fresh point of view! Here are three peak hikes for gaining excellent perspectives. Adventure time!
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