Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 02.13.14

    Romance on a Whim
    It’s on a Friday, there’s going to be a full moon, the setting is ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow … are you? From hikes to hearths, here’s your chance for some last-minute romance.
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  • 02.6.14

    DIY Olympics
    The Winter Olympics don’t have to be a spectator sport. Snow or no snow, SoCal’s got all the right stuff for your own golden moments.
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  • 01.30.14

    Canyons of Clarita
    The Santa Clarita area may be best known as the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, but the real magic is found hiking and biking in the mountains and canyons near town. Here’s an itinerary for thrills beyond a roller coaster.
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  • 01.23.14

    Desert Dreaming
    Sure, the posh resorts in Palm Springs are unrivaled, but sometimes that poolside mojito is sweeter after a good hike or bike ride. Get in touch with the city’s active side by exploring the desert’s rugged charms.
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  • 01.16.14

    Sitting Pretty
    Take a seat—some of Southern California's best outdoor spots are marked by benches for breaks, breathers, and spectacular scenery. From sunset spots to peak experiences, here are some ways to be a proud benchwarmer. 
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  • 01.9.14

    High and Mighty
    New Year’s resolution: reach new heights! Start 2014 right by tackling a summit hike, starring some of Southern California’s most stellar views.
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  • 01.2.14

    Grin and Bear It
    Nightlife, casinos, 6-pack chairlifts ... you won't find any of this at the Central Sierra's Bear Valley. Smack between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, this destination has a totally laid-back vibe. With snow on the way (you are doing your snow dance, right?) plan for a winter weekend enjoying the bear necessities.
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  • 12.26.13

    Best of 2013
    One of the most fun things we do all year is get together to decide on our Top 10 list. In no particular order, here are the best ways to get out and explore the great outdoors—local style (and a little beyond)!
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