Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 12.26.13

    Best of 2013
    One of the most fun things we do all year is get together to decide on our Top 10 list. In no particular order, here are the best ways to get out and explore the great outdoors—local style (and a little beyond)!
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  • 12.19.13

    It's a Wanderful Life
    Happy holidays from Weekend Sherpa!  Keep an eye out for next week’s Top 10 Adventures from 2013. In the meantime, deck the trails with some festive fun.
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  • 12.12.13

    Watershed Moments
    With the upcoming Rose Bowl game and the BCS National Championship, Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco is going to be the center of attention in the early New Year. Here are some great ways to hike, bike, and generally sport your way through this watershed that Theodore Roosevelt declared “would make one of the greatest parks in the world.” Touchdown!
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  • 12.5.13

    Cheer Finder
    Turkey talk is sooo last week. It's time to get holly and jolly! Get swept into the spirit with three holiday classics that bring on the cheer, outdoors!
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  • 11.28.13

    State Park Turkey Trots
    Happy Thanksgiving! After the food and football and fizzy drinks, step out for some holiday fresh air in our gorgeous state parks.
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  • 11.21.13

    Hot on the Horizon
    There’s a bright side to shorter days: Sunsets can be brilliant this time of year. Here are three hikes leading to roosts that offer the radiant side of dark by 5:00.
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  • 11.14.13

    Take a Timeout
    The holiday season’s kicking into high gear but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down and observe some beautiful surroundings. Carve out some downtime in the open air with a stroll through any of these parks and sculpture gardens that are as artistic as they are relaxing.
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  • 11.7.13

    Bonus Sherpa: Ride and Dine
    Bike rides go better with a bite to eat! Here’s a sampler of pleasant pedals and places to break for some tasty food and treats. Ride and dine!
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