Southern California   Outdoor Activities

  • 04.4.13

    Sea to It
    Getting up close to the Pacific doesn't have to be just another day at the beach. Spice up your spring and answer the call of the sea differently—from a bay view bike loop and footie on the sand to embarking on a big adventure. Sea to it!
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  • 03.28.13

    Colorful Hop Spots
    Easter egg baskets aren’t the only way to see a bunch of color this weekend. Hop outside and enjoy an array of hues, brought to you by nature. Bunny sightings are a bonus!
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  • 03.21.13

    Hip the Spot
    Move over, Silver Lake. Downtown’s gaining hipster cred. Parks with quirks, street art strolls, an airy microbrewery...check out the city's offbeat and artistic side on a circuit you can do in a day. Skinny jeans and ironic mustaches optional.
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  • 03.14.13

    Green Miles
    With St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, put a new spin on the celebration’s signature color. Green-painted bike lanes have been popping up all over Southern California, making for some smooth, safe rolls. Here are three rides that bring bonuses beyond the greenery. Lucky as a Leprechaun!
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  • 03.7.13

    Short Hikes, Big Payoff
    If you prefer “epic” to be applied to the views you get rather than the distance you walk, here are three low-mileage hikes that pack in plenty of rewarding vistas. Make it a big payoff day!
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  • 02.28.13

    Desert Dreamer
    With names like Badwater, Hell's Gate, and the Funeral Mountains, Death Valley sounds like an unwelcoming place. But visit this spring and you'll find the lower 48's largest national park to be a place of ancient beauty and calming solitude. Here's a three-day itinerary: Mix and match as you please.
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  • 02.21.13

    Best Supporting Scenery
    The Academy Awards are this weekend, so we decided to check out some outdoor locations depicted in some of 2012’s most notable films. Here are three places that were part of the scene—literally. Lookin’ good!
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  • 02.14.13

    Romance Refresher
    Teddy bears, roses, champagne & chocolates… maybe it’s time to slip into something more comfortable….Here are a few ways to set the mood in the great outdoors. Not limited to Valentine’s Day!
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