16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Hidden Garden Steps SF


From the issue Step Up to 2014

New Stairway on the Block

Thank San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood for doubling the pleasure of scenic stairway walks. The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, ornate with oceanic and celestial mosaics, leads you to a wonderful view at Grandview Park, and now there’s a brand-new set of tiled sister steps tucked just down the street. Hidden Garden Steps between Kirkham and Lawton is a stairwell that community members of the Inner Sunset have been working on since 2010. The finished project was recently revealed as a mosaic mural of wild mushrooms, sprouting plants, wildflowers, and animals—all native to the neighborhood. Along the sides, small gardens feature California native plants. They have yet to bloom, but in due time they’ll be as colorful as the steps themselves. All in, you’ll climb 148 steps, a sure way to work the glutes while taking in intriguing scenery. Many tiles are customized by community members sponsoring the project: a leaf “from Alma and Xandr,” a wildflower “in memory of Christy,” or a forget-me-not for “Loraine.” At the top, the Golden Gate Bridge peeks out as you peer down 16th Avenue. It doesn’t take a village. It takes a community.

The steps are located on 16th Avenue between Kirkham and Moraga. Street parking is available on 16th Avenue. Dog-friendly!

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