Alemany Farm Gardening

Alemany Farm


From the issue Finders Keepers


Already broken that New Year's resolution? Here's an easy one to put you back on track. San Francisco's Alemany Farm will help you eat healthier, volunteer for a good cause and learn a new skill. Strap on your overalls and put your best green thumb forward working the winter harvest on 4.5 acres of verdant urban gardens near Bernal Heights. This isn't like strolling the farmers' market; you'll be pushing the wheelbarrow, tending the weeds and picking the crops—nutritious eats like seasonal kale, Swiss chard and leafy green spinach. Volunteer supervisors Ken and Brett pepper in tidbits of take-home trivia about food production techniques like grafting, composting and irrigation design. Your time and labor benefits the farm's "food security" mission to provide fresh, healthy produce for low-income communities. As a reward for the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, you'll also take home some of the day's harvest. Get your greens!

BONUS: Check out California's original farmers' market: Alemany Farmers' Market opened its doors in 1943 and is still going strong today with fresh, no-nonsense produce. Open every Saturday at 7 a.m.

Alemany Farm welcomes volunteers every weekend (alternating Saturday and Sunday) starting at 12 p.m. and Monday at 1 p.m. Check out their online calendar prior to your visit. The farm's address is 700 Alemany Blvd. and is accessible via exit 53 (Alemany Blvd./Mission St.) on I-280.

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