Bay Area Barbecue and Picnic Sites

Battery Wallace


Bonus Sherpa: Coming in Hot

The official start of summer is coming in hot. Ring it in this weekend with a barbecue or picnic, all with sizzling views.

Battery Charger: Grab one of four tables and grills at the spacious Battery Wallace picnic area in the Marin Headlands and enjoy sea-to-sky views of the Pacific, the Golden Gate in the background, and the beach coves below.

Hidden Treasure: Stake out one of the often underutilized barbecue pits on Treasure Island's open waterfront; your backdrop is a classic double-bridge view and a panorama of downtown San Francisco.

Sweet Devil: Mount Diablo has plenty of prime barbecue spots, but there's one that's the sweetest of them all, with privacy and breathtaking views of Livermore Valley and the Oakland Hills.

Park it Here: With 45 acres of well-maintained lawn there's always room for a bike ride and picnic at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos.

Grill Goaaal!: Has the World Cup got you in the mood to play a little football with your pals? San Francisco's Fort Miley has a grilling haven that's perched high on a grassy expanse nearly the size of a soccer field, and overlooking Ocean Beach.

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