Bay Area Nonprofits Protecting the Outdoors

Marine Mammal Center


From the issue Thank the Org

Thank the Org

Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday we're sharing a few things we're thankful for: local nonprofit organizations working hard and making a difference in our Bay and big outdoors. Gobble 'em up!

Going to Rehab: The Marine Mammal Center at Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands is where sea lions go for some R&R if they're sick or injured. Since 1975 the center has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of California sea lions, Pacific harbor seals, northern elephant seals, sea otters, and many others. Visitors to their new center can learn more about precious marine life, and observe staff members tending to the animals.

Good Growth: Save the Bay does just what its name says; since 1961 it's been leading the charge to keep the San Francisco Bay shoreline protected and free of pollution. This winter their goal is to plant 25,000 native seedlings, and they're looking for a little help. Sign up to volunteer.

Seaing is Believing: The Bay Institute is dedicated to conserving watershed from the Sierra to the sea. High on the list this year: sharks. The organization's 2009 purchase of the Aquarium of the Bay allows people see what they're up to. Learn about the elusive sevengill shark that lives and reproduces right in the Bay.

State of the Parks: The California State Parks Foundation is working hard to keep parks open, which is no easy task. There's a lot to be thankful for: Pomo Canyon Campground, elephant seals at Año Nuevo, biking in Samuel P. Taylor, hiking Mount Diablo, Angel Island, Mount Tam…

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