Bicycle Golden Gate Park to the Beach Chalet

Beach Chalet Golden Gate Park


From the issue Bikes & Brews

Goes Down Smooth

Put a new spin on an afternoon at the park: On Sundays, Golden Gate Park doesn't allow cars on the eastern end of John F. Kennedy Dr., leaving plenty of room for rollers, strollers, wheelers and hot-dog dealers. Take a 7-mile round-trip ride through parts you already know, plus a few that may come as a total surprise. Start at the Stanyan St. entrance and pedal on John F. Kennedy Dr., rolling by well-known attractions like the Conservatory of Flowers and the de Young. Pass Rainbow Falls—a 40-foot stunner—before veering left at Lloyd Lake to take a path less traveled. Cruise by sprawling Speedway Meadows and continue through a canopy of trees and past the huge polo field. Don't stop until you hit the beach, where you'll find the popular Park Chalet. Grab a spot on the spacious back lawn. The on-site brewery has seven brews on tap; the California Kind is a nice medium-bodied refresher. Afterward, take John F. Kennedy Dr. all the way back, waving hello to the buffalos and keeping your eyes out for great blue herons and snowy egrets occasionally seen at Middle Lake. Gold winner!

Bikes are available for rent at Golden Gate Park Skate & Bike (3038 Fulton St.) for $5 an hour.

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