Bob\'s Pumpkin Farm in Half Moon Bay

Bobs Pumpkin Farm Half Moon Bay


From the issue Freak Out

The Pumpkin Man

Pumpkin farms and Half Moon Bay are like garlic fields and Gilroy: they just go well together. And while there are more than half a dozen farms to choose from, Bob's Pumpkin Farm is one of the originals. Bob Marsh started growing and selling pumpkins here with his father fifty-five years ago (almost two decades before pumpkin festivals became in vogue), and still offers a straightforward, home-grown experience. Grab a wheelbarrow for carting around your pumpkins (or friends, if no one's looking) and wander the seemingly endless rows of pumpers in all sizes and shapes, from toddler to sumo and oblong to oblique. While you wander, take some time to enjoy the seaside setting. Make a day of it by enjoying some post-pumpkin-picking downtime at one of the many nearby beaches (we recommend Cowell Ranch Beach). Half Moon Bay panoramas, a friendly atmosphere, and a sizeable pumpkin for around $5? That's boo-tiful!

NOTE: The famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival takes place this weekend. It's fun but frenetic; if you're not into crowds and long lines of traffic, consider visiting Bob's some other time this month.

Bob's Farm Fresh Vegetables and Pumpkin Farm is located five miles south of Half Moon Bay on the east side of Highway 1.

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