California Academy of Sciences Animal Attraction gallery


From the issue Write Outside Your Door

If you think a late night at the bar showcases interesting courtship techniques, just wait until you see what's going on at The California Academy of Sciences. Its new Animal Attraction aquarium gallery is spilling the surprising secrets of meeting, mating, and repopulating. Eighteen tanks of live animals offer a fascinating look into reproductive gallantry, like the female mantis's tendency to eat her partner after mating (not your typical dinner date!). Male anglerfish have a reputation for being clingy: when they find their ideal mate, they latch on, fusing permanently to her body (no commitment issues here!). The coral banded shrimp are loyal monogamists, fighting their mates' potential suitors to the death (what a turn-on!). There's plenty more to see and learn about the art of attraction, reproduction, and parenting at this amazing gallery, including daily special programs as well as finding out which of the Academy's 16 penguins are dating and mating. Learn more about The California Academy of Sciences' new Animal Attraction aquarium gallery and purchase tickets at It sure beats the bar scene!

BONUS: Animal Attraction at The California Academy of Sciences is good clean fun. It's a PG-rated event, for all you parents out there. Get your tickets online and skip the lines!