China Camp Village

China Camp Village


From the issue Marin Menagerie

It Takes a Village

She sells seashells by the seashore. How about: Frank sells clam chowder on the Bay shore. Kinda has the same ring to it, right? Perched bayside, China Camp State Park's Fisherman's Village is steeped in history. In the early 1880s, it was thriving due to an abundance of shrimp that was being exported to China. But the Chinese Exclusion Act and an eventual outlaw on shrimping left the village largely abandoned, save for a general store run by enterprising villager, Quan Hock Quock. His sons were the last fishermen left at China Camp, and today Quan's grandson, Frank, still lives there and runs the store—The Quan Bros. snack shop (pictured). This charming no-frills establishment serves everything from Polish dogs to Popsicles. Dine alfresco at a nearby picnic table with a warm clam chowder, a cool Tecate, and views of San Pablo Bay. You may even meet Frank! Those preferring to bring their own food and beverages can head to the south side, where a long and tranquil stretch of pebble beach runs up to a grassy knoll with picnic tables.

BIKE-IN BONUS: Park at the Back Ranch Meadows and mountain bike into China Camp Village on the 5-mile Shoreline Trail, a rolling singletrack with bay views almost the entire way. 

From Hwy. 101 in Marin, exit North San Pedro Rd. Go east for 3 miles to reach Back Ranch Meadows. If you're mountain biking, then park here and get on the Shoreline Trail just behind the entrance station. Follow this trail east for 5 miles to China Camp Village. If you're driving to China Camp Village, then continue another few miles on North San Pedro Rd. until you reach the village. The village is dog-friendly!

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