Cross Country Ski at Spooner Lake in Tahoe

Spooner Lake Cross Country


From the issue South Lake Surprise

Splendid Spooner

Tahoe may have the highest concentration of ski resorts in North America, but it's also home to some of the best cross-country skiing this side of Scandinavia. For more than 80 kilometers of groomed gliding goodness, head to Spooner Lake Cross Country Ski Area on Tahoe's eastern shore. Sign up for a lesson on-site or rent your skis for a do-it-yourself adventure. Beginners can get into the groove—literally—on Spooner Lake's immaculately tracked trails. For a breezy 8.5km excursion among lodgepole pines, combine Spooner Lake Loop and Spooner Meadow Loop; the flat, groomed trails pass through quiet meadows and trace snow-covered Spooner Lake. More advanced skiers can herringbone their way up the ridgeline via North Canyon Trail for a big reward: views of Lake Tahoe. Spoonful of fun.

BONUS: Spooner Lake is also home to two secluded Scandinavian-style backcountry cabins, perfect for a winter cozy-up.

Spooner Lake Cross Country Ski Area is located 13 miles north of the South Lake California-Nevada state line. The park is accessed via NV-28 W—just a half-mile from the intersection of Route 50 and Route 28. Trail passes and rentals are $22 each. A trail pass, rentals and lesson package is $55.

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