Cross-country Ski to Big Meadows in Sequoia National Forest



From the issue Land of the Giants

Big Easy

Want to cross-country ski but think you'll have the grace of a newborn calf? Not to worry. Big Meadows, just north of Sequoia National Park, has the cross-country equivalent of a bunny hill, with a cozy snack hut to boot. The flat, wide-open trail keeps you kicking and gliding for 2.5 miles among pine and fir trees. It's smooth sailing on skis with just enough ups and downs for a few whee-hees. At 2.5 miles you'll reach the tiny but hearty warming hut, nicely resting on the edge of Big Meadows. Volunteers stock the hut with delightful goodies like chicken noodle ramen soup, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and water. Leave a little money in the honor-system donation box and help yourself to the treats. Then take a seat on the porch, kick up your feet, and enjoy the snowy surroundings. Easy does it!

Rent cross-country skis from Wuksachi Lodge. Big Meadows trailhead is 30 minutes north of the lodge on Generals Highway in Sequoia National Forest. Look for a sign on the right just a couple of minutes after passing Montecito Sequoia Lodge. Follow the wide trail 2.5 miles to Big Meadows and the hut. Return the way you came.

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