Geocaching in the Presidio

Presidio geocache


From the issue Presidio A-Go-Go

Cache the Fever

Once a hobby with a pricey barrier to entry, geocaching is now an economical and novel way to get outside and see what you’ve been missing, literally. This high-tech treasure hunt doesn’t require an expensive handheld GPS any longer (now you can navigate to caches on your smartphone with a geocaching app). The Presidio Trust along with National Wildlife Federation have recently hidden three geocaches in the Presidio. Part of their goal is to get kids outdoors, but these treasure hunts are just as fun for adults. One of the geocaches takes you to the northern shore of Mountain Lake—a green-colored heart-shaped oasis beside Highway 1. Here’s how to make it happen: Go to, log in (it’s free), and read the clue (or view it on your GPS device/phone). Then connect the dots (or run around in circles) and find the cache! Don’t get discouraged; some geocaches require perseverance. Hint: don’t go off-trail or in the bushes; these three caches are within bounds. Private Eye in the Presidio.

Here’s’s description of the Mountain Lake Mystery geocache. Mountain Lake is dog-friendly!

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