Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail and Fresh Fish

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail bike ride


From the issue Coastal Flavor

Fresh Catch

Fancy yourself quite the catch? Prove it on a trip to Half Moon Bay, where plenty of fish in the sea works to your advantage! Start things off by romancing the coast on a car-free bike ride along the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail (as part of Half Moon Bay State Beach, this is a walkable route). Wheel the love as you roll along this oceanfront gem. Start from Pillar Point Harbor on Miranda Road off of Highway 1 and pedal south along the paved trail, across old wooden bridges all the way to Poplar Avenue (5 miles one-way). En route you'll find lots of bluff-side benches for wave watching. Afterward, head back to the harbor to grab dinner: by grab we mean picking up fresh-caught fish sold "off-the-boat" every day. Prices are retail (a whole salmon is roughly $8 to $10 per pound), and here’s a tip to avoid feeling like a fish out of water while deciding what to get: call the "fishfone" (number below). A recorded message will update you on all the daily catches. Crab season begins in September, for those who like to get clawfully crazy in the kitchen. Was that a pinch you just felt?!

Fresh-caught fish is sold retail "off-the-boat" directly to the public at Pillar Point Harbor, seven days a week. Call the Fishfone to hear what's selling: (650) 726-8724, then 3. The Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail is dog-friendly! 

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