Haunted Presidio Halloween Tour in San Francisco


From the issue Get Your Freak On

Haunted Presidio

Ghosts? In San Francisco? Many people have claimed to see spirits in the Presidio's old Army Museum, and there are numerous tales of unexplained phenomena throughout the former base. See for yourself Halloween night on the Haunted Presidio Tour. Join 40 other brave souls for a candlelit wander through the park's scariest sites. Bring a flashlight. And dress warmly. You may feel a certain chill in the air. (Note: This tour is not recommended for scaredy-cats or young children.)

The tour is free. Meet at 6:00 p.m. at the Main Post. Reservations required; call 415-561-4323

BONUS: At the Presidio's pet cemetery you can see handmade headstones where Inky, Fluffy, Princess Kiska and others sleep the Big Sleep. Stephen King would approve.

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