Kayak Sausalito and Eat at Bar Bocce

Kayak Bar Bocce


From the issue Marin Menagerie

Paddle Ball

Kayaking and bocce may seem an unlikely combo, but the two pair perfectly in Sausalito. Bar Bocce is set right on Richardson Bay, fancied up by a fantastic patio with a warming firepit and, of course, a bocce court. Most people drive to this waterside restaurant, but arriving by kayak makes for a much splashier entrance. SeaTrek is located just a couple blocks away and will set you up in a single- or double-kayak and point you in the right direction. We recommend steering south from the put-in, toward downtown Sausalito, where views of the San Francisco skyline seem so surreal it's as if you're inside a postcard. After enjoying the scenery, flip it and paddle back for a few minutes, nosing up to the marshland shore that leads to Bar Bocce. Belly up to the firepit and order a classic margherita wood-fired pizza and a local draught beer, like a Racer 5. Just don't go overboard! The return paddle is no fun if your flotation device is a beer belly.

SeaTrek (415-332-8494) is located in Sausalto on Libertyship Way. For directions, visit their Web site. Rentals are $20 an hour for single kayaks or $35 an hour for a double kayak. Bar Bocce (415-331-0555) is located at 1250 Bridgeway in Sausalito.

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