Kiwi U-pick at Swanton Berry Farm

U-pick Kiwi Swanton Berry Farm


From the issue Finders Keepers

Kiwi A-Go-Go

Fresh fruit in the middle of winter? You bet! From December through February, Swanton Berry Farm's Coastways Ranch location opens its grounds to a boon of fresh kiwis just waiting to be picked. Bring your own bag or grab a bucket and red wagon, then head off for a plucking good time. Hear the sound of the ocean as you follow a path to the back of the farm where trestles support 6 acres of organic kiwi vines that have been blooming for 36 years. At just $1.50 per pound, these fuzzy beauties are a steal. Loaded with more potassium than a banana and more vitamin C than an orange, the kiwi is an unsung super fruit that's as tasty as it is good for you (the skin of a kiwi contains some of the strongest nutrients; de-fuzz it using your pant leg). Pick to your appetite's delight because kiwis can store for months in your fridge. Sweet!

BONUS: Afterward, stop for a hot chocolate at Costanoa's warm and woodsy Cascade Bar & Grille, just minutes from Coastways Ranch. Try to grab a seat by the fireplace.

Swanton Berry Farm's Coastways Ranch location is 28 miles south of Half Moon Bay on Hwy. 1 (a quarter-mile past the entrance to Año Nuevo). Call the info line at 831-469-8804 to make sure they're open for the weekend since a bad storm will cause the farm to close. Costanoa is a few minutes north of the farm on Highway 1.

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