LA's Los Liones Trail

LAs Los Liones Trail


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LA's Los Liones Trail might as well be called Los Lovers Trail. This charming ivy-covered stroll exudes romance, with a trail-top bench offering a sweetheart of a view overlooking Santa Monica Bay, especially at sunset. The 3-mile (round-trip) trail enters Topanga State Park from Los Liones Drive in Pacific Palisades. The ocean views are ongoing for much of this hike, which gently rises 550 feet and aims north following the wavy contours of the east wall of Los Liones Canyon. Early blooming wildflowers like purple nightshade poke out from a canopy draped with vibrant green ivy. Serenading birdsong is the only sound likely to be heard while making your way up the canyon wall. The top of the trail turns southeast, delivering a view of Santa Monica Bay that will sweep you off your feet. The lone bench perched just before the junction with East Topanga Fire Road at trail's end is the perfect place to snuggle up for an endearing sunset, watching the city glow red as the fireball in the sky melts into the sea. It's a quick hike down, but pack a flashlight just in case—unless, of course, you don't mind calling it Lost Lovers Trail.

Take PCH to Sunset Blvd. Drive two blocks inland and turn left up Los Liones Dr. Go half a mile to the trailhead at the end of the road. There are three parking areas on the right for hikers, including one with a bathroom. Head north on the only trail leaving from the cul-de-sac. There are no junctions before the top of the trail, where you will find the lone bench on the right. No bikes or dogs.

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