Mavericks Surf Competition Half Moon Bay

Surfing Mavericks


From the issue Ocean Odysseys

Monster Mash

The water is freezing. The rocks are sharp and jagged. Great whites lurk nearby. No worries: once a year, the biggest badasses in surfing congregate to tempt fate on the monster waves at Mavericks. Sometime between January 1 and March 31, the alert goes out— and within 24 hours, elite surfers have gathered on the beach north of Half Moon Bay to ride the 50-foot-tall walls of mean water. Why surf these waves? According to the original maverick, Jeff Clark, “I love the power. I love the challenge. I love the unknown.” Some of the gnarliest views of the waves are from the nearby bluffs, but that space can be muddy and crowded. Two good alternatives: Head for AT&T Park and watch the contest live on plasma TVs, or pay $250 for a charter boat to take you right into the action. Epic, brah!

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AT&T Park is $25 at the door. A percentage of ticket sales helps protect the natural environment at Half Moon Bay. More information.

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