Morgan Territory Hike

Morgan Territory Hike


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Good Morgan

Remote and wild, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve is a throwback to what California must have looked like waaayyy back in the day. Set at 2,000 feet in the southeastern edge of Mount Diablo State Park, this area doesn't see many visitors, making it memorably tranquil for those who actually get there. A lot of the hiking trails are exposed, making spring an ideal time to visit. It's also when wildflowers start popping along the wind-whipped grassland. Early season bloomers include buttercups, milkmaids, and blue-eyed grass. See them on a 4.7-mile loop hike combining the Volvon, Blue Oak, Stone Corral, and Coyote trails. Towering Mount Diablo dominates the northern skyline and the Blue Oak Trail skirts along the east side of the park, offering impressive views clear across the Central Valley to the snowcapped Sierra. The final 1.5 miles on the Coyote Trail climbs a narrow rocky canyon lined with bay, manzanita, and oak trees. Wild open spaces are where it's at!

Visit Morgan Territory's Web site for directions to the preserve. From the main parking lot, start hiking the Volvon Trail. After .5-mile, reach an intersection with Whipsnake Trail; go left, then turn right onto Blue Oak Trail. After 2 miles, Blue Oak Trail intersects Volvon Trail again, turn right and continue on the Volvon Trail. Stay on Volvon Trail until it reaches the Stone Corral Trail. Turn left on the Stone Corral Trail. After .5-mile, reach the Coyote Trail where you turn left. Follow this back to the trailhead and parking lot. Dog-friendly!

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