Morgan Territory Wildflower Bike Ride in the East Bay

Morgan Territory Bike Trail


From the issue Blooms with a View

Ride the Rainbow

It's hot and brown in the summer and wet and muddy in the winter, but hit the Morgan Territory in the spring, and you'll find good bike trails weaving through a Technicolor rainbow of wildflowers. This park north of Livermore claims over 90 species of blooms within its 4,700 acres, including the bright-yellow Diablo sunflower, Mariposa lilies and California poppies. We recommend a 6.2-mile bike loop along a wide fire road; it has some ups and downs, but never gets technical—though you may have to shoo grazing cows off the trail. At just over 2,000 feet, the staging area is a relatively high-elevation starting point, meaning this park offers far and clear views of the Central Valley all the way to the Sierras. This flower pedal is the gold standard of spring rides.

From the southern end of the parking lot, take the Volvon Trail. Stay on this for .75 mile; turn right onto the Blue Oak Trail. Stay on this for 1.25 miles until it links back with the Volvon Trail; turn right. Stay on the Volvon Trail. At the junction of the Volvon "Loop" Trail go right and make a 1.5 mile counter clockwise loop. Return on the Volvon Trail all the way back to the staging area. Maps are available at the park. For directions and more information click here. Dog-friendly!

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