Ohlone Greenway Bike Ride

Ohlone Greenway Bike Ride


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Go Green

It doesn’t get much greener than Berkeley, and one of the greenest ways to explore this progressive town is on two wheels. The 10-mile (round-trip) Ohlone Greenway runs parallel to BART, yet proffers mostly peacefulness as you pedal under green canopies, brush shoulders with flowers spanning the colors of a crayon box, and pass through multiple public parks. For added eclecticism, it also connects the neighborhoods of North Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito. Start your pedal at Ohlone Park, named—like the trail itself—for the indigenous inhabitants of Alameda County at the time of Spanish Exploration. Glide past neighborhood homes and tall wooden fences brimming with purple cornflowers, red poppies, and many other wildflowers. Keep an eye out for the 6-by-72-foot mural illustrating the cultural and natural evolution of the East Bay from 10,000 B.C. to today. Keep coasting through the Dinosaur Forest, where scraggly, strangely proportioned trees with old, twisted bark have a prehistoric quality. Emerge unscathed from this mini Jurassic Park, and it’s smooth gliding to the trail’s end—and turnaround point—at Baxter Creek Gateway Park. On the return journey, make a right onto Solano Avenue and roll a few doors down to Sophia Cafe—a local Middle Eastern haunt famous for its creamy hummus and warm pita. And if your gears are set for something sweet, opt for a slice of honey-drizzled baklava with a piping cup of Turkish coffee. Way to get your greens!

The Ohlone Greenway begins at the corner of Hearst Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Ride on the road’s bike lane for three blocks, then turn right onto the trail at Hearst Ave. and California St. Cross over Sacramento St., continue onto Delaware St., and, just beyond the North Berkeley BART station, take a right onto Acton St. The Greenway turns into a paved, two-lane path at the intersection of Virginia St. and Acton St. Sophia Cafe is located at 1247 Solano Ave. (Solano and Masonic); their patio and the Ohlone Greenway are dog-friendly!

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