Alcatraz Night Tour
Visiting a prison: freaky. Visiting a historical prison at night: rockin'! Many Bay Area locals never make the trip to one of the most famous national parks around: Alcatraz. And the best way to experience it is at night. Enjoy a more intimate experience strolling the Rock with about 600 people instead of 2,000 and be privy to parts of the prison not open during the day. Start things off with a trip across the Bay, where you're taken on a more scenic route than the day tours. The night tour ferry makes a big loop around Alcatraz, offering close-up views of its western and northern shores. Once on land, a ranger briefs everyone on available tours and activities. The 45-minute audio tour is a great way to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with the prison. Don't miss visiting the hospital, located upstairs from the dining hall. Open for 30 minutes during the night tour only, you'll see the surgery room and hospital cells, including a quarantined area where Robert “Birdman” Straud spent 11 of his 17 years on the Rock due to ailing health. Before you leave, step inside "The Hole" in D Block. It's the perfect way to scare yourself back to the mainland.

TIP: For one of the Bay Area's best views of San Francisco, head outside toward the Warden's House.

The Alcatraz night tour is $33 per person. Reserve your tickets online at