Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
Cambria's Moonstone Beach is a deservedly popular strolling destination, but lesser-known Fiscalini Ranch Preserve offers just as much coastal beauty with far fewer people. Before you go, stop by Sandy's Deli & Bakery in Cambria (604 Main Street) and pick up a Mother Nature Veggie or Turkey Cranberry sandwich to-go (their Orange Madness smoothie is pretty tasty, too). Then make your way to Fiscalini for a 2-mile (round-trip) ocean-side stroll capturing the best of spring's bling. Bluff Trail begins on a boardwalk paralleling dramatic cliffs covered in blooming ice plant. This trail is well-maintained thanks to the efforts of Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. Pacific scenery sweeps north to south as the path becomes a dirt trail. A few large driftwood benches along the way make prime picnic perches. Take a seat and stay on the lookout for blowholes close to shore. Grey whales are making their annual migration to Alaska, and this stretch of coast is common grounds for spotting them through the month of May. When you reach the end of Bluff Trail, go one block east and take the Marine Terrace Trail fire road to make a loop of it. Bluff's got the stuff!

From Hwy. 1 in Cambria, turn south on Windsor Blvd. and follow it to the end. Fiscalini Ranch starts where the road ends. Dog-friendly!