Iron Horse Bicycle Trail
For an easy ride in the East Bay, just connect the shops. Chocolate shops, that is. The Iron Horse Regional Trail spans over 24 miles from Pleasanton to Concord, but the loveliest portion is the oak-dotted 7-mile stretch connecting Danville and Walnut Creek—with chocolate shops at each end! Iron Horse Trail is named after the Southern Pacific Railroad that once occupied this space, now converted to a rail-trail. Bring your own bike or rent one at Danville's downtown Pegasus Bicycle Works. Cycle right from the store onto the trail. Valley oak, redwoods, and bigleaf maples line this multi-use pathway, which crosses two pedestrian bridges and intersects several bike-friendly roadways. At the Rudgear Road Park & Ride, veer right and cross under the freeway to stay on the Iron Horse Trail. The path narrows, borders a vine-draped brick wall, and leads straight into downtown where you'll find Leonida's Belgian Chocolates. The white chocolate Pistache is just the right dose of sweetness before the return journey. Pedaling back, enjoy a view of Mount Diablo cresting to the east. Wrap up the ride with a second-helping stop at Danville Chocolates. Try the white chocolate and raspberry bark or the Mount Diablo Truffle: part milk chocolate, part dark chocolate, and dusted in cocoa powder. Giddyup sugar rush!

In Danville, four-hour parking is available at the Danville Railroad Museum parking lot, located right around the corner from Pegasus Bikes. Danville Chocolates is located at 175 East Prospect Ave. in downtown Danville. Leonida's Chocolates is located at 1397 N. Main St. in downtown Walnut Creek. From Rudgear Park & Ride, cross under the freeway and continue on bike until you reach the Whole Foods 1.2-miles down. Here it's easiest to disembark, and walk your bike to the destination. Turn left past the Whole Foods, then right onto S. Main St. Continue 0.8 miles until you arrive at Leonidas. Iron Horse Trail is dog-friendly!