The Pelican Inn stylishly marries old English country charm with bohemian unorthodoxy. And no matter the weather, the inn is a welcome fixture on Highway 1. On warm, sunny days, the outdoor lawn is filled with people soaking up the rays, playing Frisbee, and drinking foamy pints. On foggy cooler days, the crackling fire of the restaurant—or the close-quarters of the Tudor pub—make cozy shelters. Stay overnight and create a Peli experience that's all your own. The seven simply furnished upstairs rooms are historic in character, with low wooden beam ceilings, lead-pane windows, wooden floors covered by giant Oriental rugs, and old rocking chairs. One special privilege exclusive to overnighters is access to the "snug"—a private library sitting room with English prints on the wall, comfy couches, a big fireplace, and loads of books to read. In the morning, fill up on bangers, baked beans, eggs, and toast before heading out the door for Muir Beach. From there, hike to the secret sands of Pirate's Cove. Once a staging area for 1920s bootleggers, it's not a place where you'll find hooch these days (unless you pack some in your picnic)—but there's plenty of booty in the tranquility.

Pelican Inn, 10 Pacific Way, Muir Beach; 415-383-6000. Rooms start at $190 per night; full English country breakfast included. Dog-friendly on the grounds, but no dogs overnight.