Tank Hill Sunset San Francisco

When it comes to San Francisco sunsets, the Twins are no match for the Tank. As the sun sinks slowly toward the Pacific and fog spills through the spires of iconic Sutro Tower and the nearby Twin Peaks, head into the Buena Vista district and mount Tank Hill. Though the small park is barely discernible on many maps, it packs punch with epic views that range from Golden Gate Park to the South Bay. Hardcore horizon hunters should perch themselves on the rocky outcropping on the peak's north side. Bring a blanket, some wine, and your favorite fleece; with the stunning vistas of the city sparkling below, you'll want to linger long after the sun sets.

Directions to Tank Hill: Take Stanyan St. south until it ends, then turn left and go up Belgrave Ave. to the end. On the left side of the street, you'll see a trail leading up to Tank Hill. Note: The Tank is dog-friendly, too.