Transit and Trails

Get outdoors without getting into your car. With Transit & Trails, the adventure starts as soon as you walk out your door. They'll help navigate you to the trailhead, bike path, campsite, or trip destination using low-carbon alternatives to driving (public transit, bikes, walking, and ridesharing). The information you need is added to Transit & Trails by a community of users including park agencies, trail enthusiasts, authors, and outdoor leaders. And with an interactive Web site, iPhone app, and Android app, the details you need for your adventures are always with you.

Go Big: Ready to establish bragging rights for life? All you have to do is cycle up 3 of the Bay Area's most iconic mountains in one day! Set your gears for Alt. (June 16), a totally original cycling event brought to you by Transit & Trails and the Bay Area Open Space Council. Riders will power up Mount Hamilton, Mount Tamalpais, and Mount Diablo using public transit to get to the base of each peak. That's 128 miles and more than 12,000 feet of climbing. Piece of cake, right? Even if this ride's not for you, there'll be plenty of ways to participate and celebrate: Alt. is all about keeping the Bay Area as accessible as it is beautiful. Here's your chance to get out, get moving, and get involved! Join the ride!

Photo courtesy of Lech Naumovich.