SUP Yoga Marina Del Rey
Looking for a yoga class where all your moves will be totally fluid? Hit the tranquil waters of Marina Del Rey to strike poses on a stand-up paddleboard. YOGAqua offers a fresh dose of Om with the ocean as your mat for a 90-minute session that starts with brief instructions on the beach. From there, float off for an easy warm-up paddle (standing or kneeling, depending on your comfort level) around the calm harbor. As you get your sea legs, try not to get distracted if dolphins decide to join the session. After circling back to a protected strip of water between boat docks, you’ll drop a small anchor to prevent drift as you begin a vinyasa series. “Sun salutation” takes on a whole new meaning under the open sky as lapping waves provide relaxing acoustics. Keep your eyes open during bridge pose to get an extremely rare view of the water above and the sky below! It’s so easy to get lost in the moment that the class may feel like it’s over in the blink of a third eye. H2-Om.

TIP: YogAqua also offers classes in Newport Beach.

YOGAqua offers classes year-round, five times a week in Marina del Rey, and one time a week in Newport Beach. Check the schedule and register ahead of time on their website, or call (805) 283-9642 for more information. Paddleboard and paddle included in the $39 class fee; multiple-class packages available. Wetsuits not necessary. Marina del Rey classes meet in the parking lot across from the beach at 4175 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey; parking available in the city lot for $1/hr. Newport Beach classes meet at 3300 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA; metered parking available on the street.