Royal Palms County Beach in San Pedro

Royal Palms County Beach


Rock and Royalty

Not all regal oceanfront dining spots are reserved for Hollywood A-listers. Nature provides a little royal treatment of its own at Royal Palms County Beach in San Pedro. Drive down to this uncrowded, double-crescent beach at the south end of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The coast here is rugged, backed by 100-foot cliffs and covered in a cobblestone of large rocks. If you’ve got sturdy sandals, climb around and explore tide pools teeming with sea stars, anemones, urchins, and mollusks. Despite the beach’s wild and isolated appearance, there’s a sublime picnic spot at the north end, where a long and level stone patio with eight table sits just a few feet from the pounding waves. Evenly spaced palms add a dash of tropical whimsy. The tables are spread far apart, so there’s plenty of room for a game of ladder golf, spikeball, Frisbee, or Twister. Old stone fireplaces—remnants of the White Point Hot Spring Hotel which operated here in the 1920s—lend a century-old ambience. This picnic area was once a venue for outdoor dance soirees. If Catalina Island looks larger than usual, it’s because you’re about as close as you can get without jumping in the water. Footpaths lead in several directions along the beach, but keep in mind this is not a good place for swimming. For those itching to stretch their legs a little more, take a short hike to WWII-era bunkers in White Point Park on the bluff just above the beach. King and Queen for a day.

Royal Palms County Beach is located at 1799 Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro (map). There is a $10 fee to park your vehicle. No dogs.

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