Sutro Baths Moonlight Walk

Sutro Baths Moonlight Walk


From the issue Behind the Scenes

San Francisco Noir

The '70s cult film Harold and Maude wasn’t a critical or commercial hit upon its initial release but has since become a dark comedy darling—benefitting from fittingly dramatic filming locations across the Bay Area, including an awkward war protest encounter between Harold and Maude at San Francisco’s Sutro Baths. When these famous ruins—once the world’s largest indoor swimming pool—get bathed in the glow of the full moon, there’s a novel mystique that just can’t be found during the day. The next full moon is Monday, February 25, meaning you can get out and enjoy its growing luminescence this weekend. Make the trip and sit above the roaring waves at a dramatic vantage point where the Pacific flows into San Francisco Bay. Descend the wooden stairs from the main parking area and follow the short trail to the Point Lobos overlook for far-and-wide views of the mercurial sea. If there’s fog, the visuals are heightened as the moon mingles with the misty seascape.

Sutro Baths is located at the north end of Ocean Beach, where Geary Blvd. and the Great Hwy. meet. The Merrie Way parking lot closes one hour after sunset, but the trails around Sutro Baths remain open. Park outside the lot when visiting after hours. Dog-friendly!

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