Take-Out Treats at China Beach - San Francisco

China Beach San Francisco


From the issue Secret Sands

China Chow-Down

It's a warm Friday afternoon, and you can't take the Excel spreadsheets and cubicle cacophonies for one more minute. Kick off your weekend right: grab a Tsingtao and your favorite take-out treat; then make a beeline for China Beach, San Francisco's semi-hidden seaside escape. Located in the Sea Cliff district, the place was named for the Chinese fishermen who used to congregate here. Today the fishermen have been replaced by savvy locals who come for the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay all the way to Point Bonita Lighthouse. The beach is about the size of a football field, making it the ideal place for an impromptu urban sunset feast. Gan bei!

Directions: Take 26th Ave. north into the Sea Cliff district. Turn left onto Scenic Rd., then turn left again onto Seacliff Rd. Follow this until you reach the fork in the road and turn right (a sign says "not a through street"). Parking will be on the right. Dogs not allowed.

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