Tourist Club Hike on Mt. Tam Marin - Enjoy a Beer

Tourist Club Mount Tam Marin


From the issue Beer Here Now

Rock the Haus

"The first rule of Tourist Club is you don't talk about Tourist Club." While the location of this Bavarian-style lodge in Mount Tamalpais State Park isn't a total secret, the club can be very hard to find—but it's worth it when you do. From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends the club sells pitchers of delicious Austrian beer to the public. The catch? Sweat. It's a 15- to 20-minute hike to the lodge. And there are multiple trails. One starts at the end of Ridge Avenue in Mill Valley. That's all we're saying. Remember Rule #1.

The Tourist Club is open this Saturday, but closed to the public this Sunday and the second Sunday of every month for maintenance.

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