Wine Tasting Clear Lake - Ceago - Steele - Wildhurst

Ceago del Lago Winery Lake County


From the issue Lake County Rising


Before Prohibition shook the industry in the 1920s, Lake County had a thriving wine scene. Now the vines are creeping back and winning notice, especially for the region’s cabernets, sauvignon blancs, and petite sirahs. Here are three wineries to check out. Start off in Jim Fetzer’s sprawling Spanish-style villa at Ceago del Lago. This biodynamic winery just south of central Nice is the only one right on the lake; you can arrive by car, boat, or seaplane. Bring a picnic and enjoy the views. Next head over to the most charming town in Lake County, Kelseyville. Make your first stop at Steele Wines, which was started by Jed Steele, the artisan winemaker who put Kendall Jackson on the map. Next up: the friendly Wildhurst Vineyards tasting room, right downtown. When hunger strikes, trot over to Studebaker’s and enjoy their signature dark roast coffee and a deli sandwich on their sidewalk patio—it’s Clear Lake people-watching at its best, and there’s not a Starbucks in sight.

Ceago del Lago, 5115 E. Highway 20, Nice; 707-274-1462.
Steele Wines, 4350 Thomas Dr., Kelseyville; 707-279-9475.
Wildhurst Vineyards, 3855 Main St., Kelseyville; 707-279-4302.

Studebaker’s Coffee House and Delicatessen, 3928 Main St., Kelseyville; 707-279-8809.

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