Yountville Art Walk

Mushroom rocks Yountville


From the issue Cheap Date

Art's Desire

Robust Bordeauxs, French-influenced cuisine, avant-garde art. Paris, take note! Napa Valley's Yountville easily condenses the finer things in life. But Yountville's also a place to be if you'd rather see and not be 'scene.' And February means that the only big crush going on is, well, the one you've got going on. Grab your date and embark on the free Yountville Art Walk. Stop at the Information center downtown and pick up an Art Walk map. Then follow its lead to the various installations, taking detours to wine-taste (in-town tasting rooms have popped up everywhere), have lunch, or people-watch from a street-side bench. Most of the works are easy to spot; the luminescent Silver Twist is a sidewalk standout. A few, like the Egret Sculpture, require a little sleuthing and a stealthy eye (fair warning to competitive couples). The eclectic collection includes notables like the Rock Mushrooms (pictured), Chaos Pamplona (tucked next to the Bardessono hotel), and CT9, where you can look for your reflection in a chrome globe. Stroll several blocks before encountering an opportunity to uncork a fantastic finish at one of the Art Walk's "installations": Ma(i)sonry, a living art gallery that offers wine-tasting. The ivy-laced building dates to 1904, and the olive trees are 100 years old. Take a seat in their outdoor garden (there's a stone fire pit!) and taste limited production boutique wines (the rosés will be arriving in time for Valentine's Day) among a setting of works from 16th century European craftsmen to modern day creators. Indulge your art's desires.

Start the Art Walk and pick up a map at the Town of Yountville's Visitor Center (6484 Washington St.). Some wine tasting rooms and Ma(i)sonry are dog-friendly!

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