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Outdoor pursuits, easy escapes, hideaways, adventures, relaxations, roads seldom traveled, waters to cross, peaks to reach, possibilities... All in beautiful California!

Weekend Sherpa is a short, free, weekly email and complementary website publication giving people insiders' recommendations on California’s best outdoor pursuits and little-known adventures. Our mission is to provide quick, easy ideas for the weekend. Each Thursday's email brings something different and surprising, from hiking unspoiled territory and biking incredible terrain, to sampling good wines in hideaway havens. Weekend Sherpa publishes a San Francisco/Northern California edition and a Los Angeles/Southern California edition. Our writers are out there exploring every weekend so that they can bring you the best information on how to make the most of your weekend outdoors. To see Weekend Sherpa in the press, click here.

Brad Day – Founder and Publisher Weekend Sherpa was founded by Brad Day, a native Californian who grew up hiking, biking, skiing, and whitewater rafting throughout the Golden State. He and his team have a blast exploring California and sharing their experiences with you each week. Brad's favorite secluded beach to relax for an afternoon? Kirby Cove in the Marin headlands.

Holly Kulak – Editorial and Brand Director Holly migrated to Northern California from Alberta, Canada to start a career in media at the online magazine Salon.com. She has since worked for a variety of print and online publications including San Francisco magazine and GigaOM. Holly has written through an Alaskan winter and a Floridian spring, but she keeps her heart in San Francisco. Holly has been with Weekend Sherpa since its founding days and launch in the summer of 2006. A few of her favorite California adventures include The Grand Walk in San Francisco, and hiking the canyons, dunes and peaks in Death Valley.


Don George – Editorial Advisor Award-winning writer and editor Don George has wandered to more than 70 countries. He's been the travel editor at the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle and at Salon.com, and the global travel editor for Lonely Planet. He's published seven books and appears frequently as a travel expert on TV, on radio, in print, and in person. Don's favorite Bay Area overnight escape? Spending the night in a yurt down in Big Sur.


Ian Edlind – Writer An avid outdoors enthusiast, Ian Edlind hails from Washington, D.C. A natural explorer, Ian is out almost every weekend finding accessible adventures to share with readers. Among his favorite California adventures? Biking the wineries in Sonoma.

Seth Smigelski - Writer Transplanted from upstate New York seven years ago, Seth enjoys living in Los Angeles, but loves getting out of the city even more. As Weekend Sherpa’s lead Southern California writer he’s exploring the greener corners of Southern California. Favorite SoCal escape? Desert camping in Mojave National Preserve..

Erika Freeman – Writer Hailing from Vermont, Erika Freeman landed in California five years ago. An avid hiker, she quickly became enamored with California’s varied landscape. Whether it’s wandering in little-known mountains, dirt biking in golden deserts, or exploring a craggy beach, she loves it all. Erika has also written for EatingWell Magazine and The Faster Times. Her favorite way to begin the day? A sunrise hike at Malibu’s Sandstone Peak.

Esther Hahn – Contributing Writer Esther Hahn grew up scouring California’s coastline for waves, honing her surf skills and developing a voracious appetite for local knowledge on the outdoors.  After a successful surfing career and a four-year stint at Yale, Hahn eagerly returned to her Los Angeles roots with a higher appreciation of California’s “four season” weather, conducive to year-round adventures. Hahn’s favorite southern California haunts include L.A.’s dog-friendly beaches and hills and burgeoning wine countries in Santa Barbara and Temecula.

Kristen Caplan – Contributing Writer Born and raised in New Hampshire, Kristen has been hiking, skiing and exploring since the age of 3. She moved to LA with a plan to stay for just a year and is now going on almost a decade, thanks mainly to the multitude of amazing outdoor adventures so close at hand (favorites include the eastern Sierras and Big Sur). Having just returned from a year long trip around the globe, Kristen is back, and  biking the back roads of Griffith Park during lunch breaks from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

  Katherine Peach - Contributing Writer Katherine Peach escaped the winters of Michigan by moving to sunny Los Angeles, and hew sense of adventure has only grown. Practically melded with her beach cruiser, Katherine is an outdoor enthusiast who spends weekends exploring coves, trails and tide pools and campsites. Her work and photos has been published in The Santa Monica Mirror, Whole Life Times Magazine and LAist.com. Her favorite way to end the day? Watching the sunset from the Malibu bluffs.

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