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Bike the Pacific Electric Trail in SoCal

Bike the Pacific Electric Trail in SoCal

Mountain views by two wheels? You got it. Biking this 10-mile (one-way) section of the Pacific Electric Trail comes with expansive views of the San Gabriels, with iconic Cucamonga Peak visible the entire time. This ride goes through Rancho Cucamonga, all the way to downtown Upland and back.

Sure, the path goes through a busy city, yet still captures the calmness of nature. If you’re starting your ride at this section of the trail, you can find parking in a strip mall on Cherry Avenue in Fontana. The bike trail is clearly marked and is consistently trafficked with other cyclists, so finding it is easy. On your bike and after crossing Baseline Avenue, you’re quickly met with a wide open space and mountain views. Passing under the I-15 you’ll be crossing into Rancho Cucamonga. When you come to the intersection of Etiwanda Avenue you’ll see an old abandoned train station, one of the remnants of this bike path’s history as a railroad. The entire route is marked with dotted lane markers to follow.

Many street crossings require going to the nearest crosswalk, so keep an eye out for the Pacific Electric Trail signs; they’ll guide you. (Tip: Every street you come across has a plaque telling you where you are and what street you’re on, so you can keep track of your progress easily.) When you pass into Upland, you’ll find a beautiful old neighborhood and small areas with tables and benches that make nice spots for a break. You’re close to downtown Upland, a fantastic place to park the bikes and walk around.

Grab a bite at the Local Baker and Cafe, 120 E. 9th Street (currently open for take-out). Established in 1895, the cafe’s got a wide menu selection that hits the spot for something sweet or something savory. 

Bike the Pacific Electric Trail in SoCal

You can park in the Heritage Crossings shopping center on Cherry Ave. and Roanoke Rd. in Fontana. The best spots are outside the Miguels Jr. along Cherry Ave. From the 210 East get off on Cherry Ave. and turn right. The shopping center will be on the right side after Baseline Ave. This trail is dog friendly!

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