Redding to Shake Things Up!

Take a Spring Group Getaway to Redding

Go wild on your next team getaway, event, or conference. All you have to do is take it outside, in Redding! As the sunniest city in California, surrounded by Shasta and Lassen and mountainous Whiskeytown—with the glistening Sacramento River running right through it, and a vibrant downtown with an excellent food and drinks scene, Redding has everything you need for a meeting of the minds, naturally! Let Redding help create adventure itineraries beyond the meeting rooms with half-day trips, all-day excursions, or activities tailored to your exact needs. Get your group Redding for a breath of fresh air.

National & State Park Sensations

On the Town, the Whiskeytown! Looking to quench your group’s thirst for adventure? Whiskeytown National Recreation Area absolutely pours on the charm as a less-known wilderness paradise with four waterfalls, multiple sandy beaches, and its namesake crystal lake. Within 15 minutes of Redding, you can take to the water or the trails at this refreshing 42,000-acre wilderness park. Take the team and do a mellow sunset paddle (guided options available) and try to spy osprey nests, or lace up the shoes for a hike to the tallest waterfall here: The gushing three-tiered 220-foot Whiskeytown Falls is reached on a 3.5-mile (round-trip) hike.

Host Your Next Group Getaway in Redding!

King and Queen of the Castle! Challenge your group to reach new heights at Castle Crags State Park. The 5.5-mile Castle Dome Trail ascends 2,000 feet among impressive spiky granite formations as you make your way to one of the most rewarding views in California—a panorama of snowy Mount Shasta, the famous Grey Rocks, and Castle Dome.

California’s Yellowstone. Head east of Redding to one of the most untraveled yet magnificent national parks in the country. Lassen Volcanic National Park is a revelation of peaks, valleys, lakes, and one major steamy attraction. Take the crew on a hike to Lassen Peak, or stroll an easygoing loop around Manzanita Lake—famous for its iconic reflection of Mount Lassen—or head for the steamy stuff at Bumpass Hell, the largest hydrothermal area in the park. The 3-mile (round-trip) hike takes you to sputtering mud pots, sulfur vents, and boiling pools. It’s known as California’s Yellowstone for a reason!

Host Your Next Group Getaway in Redding!

Water World!

H2-OMG! Redding is full of waterfall ideas—and some swimming holes! And with this past winter’s rains, iconic waterfalls will be going bananas this year. There are dozens of falls to explore as a team together in and around Redding, which is centrally located for easy access to the spectacles. From the three-tier rager (Lower, Middle, Upper) of McCloud Falls (with bonus swimming holes), there’s also sweet flows like Faery Falls and the unique (and uniquely named!) Kickapoo Falls.

Check out Redding’s dozens of waterfalls

Dam Good Time. Spend some time hanging with the crew at one of the most unique spectacles in Northern California. Shasta Dam curves across the glistening Sacramento River at Shasta Lake, forming the largest reservoir in the state. From the dam you get a premier unobstructed view of Mount Shasta. Complimentary guided tours are offered year-round and include a 428-foot elevator ride to the dam’s base, as well as the inner workings of this powerhouse resource. Nearby trails and lawns for picnicking let hikers and cyclists enjoy the sweet views.

Challenge Your Colleagues to Ride the Rapids! With so many rivers in and around Redding, take your pick of whitewater rafting. The Trinity River and the Upper Klamath run fast and fierce (with a class 5 at Willow Creek). If your group dynamic is more mellow, go for a more serene and scenic paddle. The Sacramento River runs right through Redding, gets up to class 3, and passes under six bridges, including the famous Sundial. Find rafting and other paddling adventures in Redding.

Check out more points of interest in Redding

Host Your Next Group Getaway in Redding!

Urban Energy

Adventures in Food & Drinks: Redding’s craft beer scene has officially arrived. The city has emerged as an artisan beer leader, with places like Final Draft Brewing Company. The spacious restaurant and outdoor patio are perfect for kicking back and relaxing with the team as you savor some of the 20+ choices in craft beer.

Right behind the brewery, The Park is downtown Redding’s food truck outdoor event space. It’s group-friendly, dog-friendly, and has live music, karaoke, and plenty of food and drink choices.

Fall River Brewing pours premier ales at its spacious and modern warehouse. There are picnic tables for large group seating, corn hole for good natured (or fierce) competitions, and all the equipment needed for brewing the best beers.

Sundialed Sunset. Redding has one of the world’s most famous car-free bridges, perfect for a pedal-assist bike tour that everyone on your team can enjoy. The Sundial Bridge is the sister bridge to similar ones in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Seville, Spain, and is literally a giant sundial, over the Sacramento River. The magic hour is sun-sational here, as people paddle underneath the Sundial or soak in the last rays of the day from the bridge, gazing at one of the area’s best vistas of legendary Mount Shasta.

Bonus Food & Drink: Savor a Rocky Top Zin or Flybird Baja Lime Margarita at the Branch House Riverfront Bistro. Set at the base of the Sundial Bridge overlooking the Sacramento River, the outdoor patio has a lovely fireplace and is flexible for whatever size entourage you’re bringing. There’s an all-day food menu, too. Or enjoy dinner just around the corner at the upscale and tasty Mosaic Restaurant.

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