Monterey Bay Aquarium's Into the Deep

Going Deep

Visit the Monterey Aquarium and See Into the Deep

Mesmerized, educated, and inspired are just a few of things you can’t help but feel while visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium and its spellbinding new exhibition, Into the Deep. Sure, it’s always so much fun to see the playful African penguins (where love dramas play out on the regular!) and those adorable and smart sea otters whose cute whiskers help them find food. Then there’s the Open Sea gallery, the largest exhibit at one-million-gallons of open sea—with sharks and turtles and a hint of what’s to come.

Enter Into the Deep to witness a fascinating array of life within the deeper layers of sea … so deep it took years for engineers, scientists, and researchers to bring this sea life safely up from the depths (with the help of robotics!). Meet magnificent jellies, so newly discovered they don’t yet have a scientific name.

There’s also the clever bone-eating worm, and the incredible—very large—Japanese spider crab (some can grow as big as a small car!).

The elephant fish is truly original looking, and then there’s the dazzling and delicate bloody-belly comb jelly—glistening red like a crown jewel to the human eye, yet deceptively hidden in the deep sea. Eye the elegant sea angel—which is actually a prowling predator; same goes for the enigmatic mauve stinger jelly … an ethereal beauty, with some serious sting-power! Wander through the darkened and tranquil gallery as it takes you deeper into the sea, from midwater to ocean floor.

Every turn brings something new … it’s an experience like no other; you’ll emerge excited to return for more.

BONUS: After resurfacing from Into the Deep, get a stellar perspective from above on the sprawling back decks overlooking the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary—the largest protected ocean area in the continental United States. Take a view through the telescopes and look for otters, sea lions, and other wildlife. Experts are usually on site to answer questions and help you spot animals.

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  3. Going Deep

    Mesmerized, educated, and inspired are just a few of things you can’t help but feel while visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium and its spellbinding new exhibition, Into the Deep.

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