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Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, filtering air, providing shade, and just comforting us with their quiet beauty. From hidden redwoods to secret Torrey Pines and Joshua trees not in Joshua Tree, here are some top tall-tree outdoor adventures.

Week: 05.25.2022
Regions: Southern CA

Take the Musical Road

Drive the Musical Road in Antelope Valley

Sign reading The Musical Road and showing the road in Antelope Valley
Drive the Musical Road—one of only a handful in the world—to connect two of Antelope Valley’s best parks, Prime Desert Woodland Preserve with its Joshua Trees and Apollo Community Regional Park.
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Now You Sea It

Monterey Bay Aquarium's New Into the Deep Exhibit

Kelp Forest
couple viewing kelp forest
The Monterey Bay Aquarium's newest exhibition, Into the Deep, is a fully integrated ocean experience taking you from mesmerizing shoreline kelp forests all the way to the bottom of the sea.
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Park it Here

Scenic Hike from Point Fermin Park to Angels Gate Park in Los Angeles

Hike from Point Fermin Park to Angels Gate Park
Do a 2.5-mile scenic hike from Point Fermin Park to Angels Gate Park in Los Angeles. It’s got big trees, big ocean views, and one big SoCal surprise. It's also got a food and beer bonus!
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SoCal's Sequoias

Hiking to Giant Sequoias in Heaps Peak Arboretum

Heaps Peak Arboretum
Nestled at over 6,000 feet in the San Bernardino National Forest, Heaps Peak Arboretum in Skyforest has a stellar collection of massive trees that include giant sequoias.
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Rogers That!

Forest Bathing at Will Rogers State Historic Park in Los Angeles

This 2.25-mile loop in Will Rogers State Historic Park dazzles with panoramas and eucalyptus forest bathing amid a massive grove that will have you looking up for koalas in California.
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Secret Trail at Torrey Pines

Find a secret hike at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego County

Hiker on a trail overlooking the Pacific ocean at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego County
Hiker walking along the beach at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego County
Hiker passing an information sign at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego County
Hiker walking among Torrey pines at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego County
Find cliff climbs, sandy strolls, and secret hikes throughout “America’s finest sandy stretch" at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego County.
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Seed the Day!

Hike Among Redwoods in Orange County at Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Hike Carbon Canyon Regional Park Coastal Redwood Grove
Redwoods in Orange County? It's true! Find them on this 2-mile loop hike in Brea's Carbon Canyon Regional Park, home to 241 Sequoia sempervirens specimens. The tallest is nearly 100 feet!
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  1. Afternoon on the Island

    What is it about tiny islands in the middle of lakes? There’s something that just draws you in. It’s even more fun when getting there is half the adventure because you have to reach it by canoe, kayak, paddleboat, or a ranger guided boat tour!

  2. Camp and Kayak at Utica Reservoir in Stanislaus National Forest

    Sleeper Hit

    It's all about the water, and the camping, at Utica Reservoir in Stanislaus National Forest, a High Sierra reservoir perfect for kayak explorations and pitching your tent with the lake in the background.

  3. Hiker in the forest at Mount Sutro in San Francisco

    San Francisco's Middle Earth

    No need to travel to New Zealand to visit Middle Earth. San Francisco’s Mount Sutro Open Space is practically Hobbiton—a hidden “shire” in the middle of the city. Okay, maybe not quite as magical, but still an incredible place to take a hike in city limits.

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    America's Best Urban Hike

    Many years ago we dubbed it the “Grand Walk” and said it was one of the most scenic and stunning trails in the West. We were wrong. This is the most scenic urban hike in America!


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  1. Two people smiling for a selfie on Santa Cruz Island Channel Island National Park

    Island Ahoy!

    Take to the seas on a weekend adventure to remote Santa Cruz Island (the largest among Channel Islands National Park) and an idyllic campsite coupled with a rugged 8-mile (round-trip) trek to a hidden beach.

  2. woman on rocks at Salt Point State Park Sonoma Coast

    Sweet and Salty

    Located on Highway 1 about 18 miles north of Jenner, Salt Point State Park is wild, scenic, and one of the most beautiful places to do some classic coastal camping.

  3. Woman biking the Ventura to Ojai bike path in Ventura County

    Ojai There!

    If a substantive and super scenic bike ride is right in your wheelhouse, do the 30-mile (round-trip) Ventura-to-Ojai bike path that begins (and ends) near the Ventura shoreline, pit-stopping in delightful Ojai for food and drinks.

  4. Masterpiece Marshland + Beers

    San Dieguito Lagoon is one of the biggest wetland habitats in America. Uncover the magical marshland masterpiece on a gentle 3-mile out-and-back urban hike with a pit stop at a brewery.