SoCal's Top 10 Outdoor Adventures of 2022

It's not easy choosing the year's best outdoor adventures for our annual year-end Top 10 issue. Like a band choosing their greatest hits album, there's just so much good stuff.  As we bid adieu to 2022, cheers to you, and the great outdoors.

Week: 12.28.2022
Regions: Southern CA

Constant Condor

Hike to Condor Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains

Hiker celebrating with raised arms after reaching Condor Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains
Hiker and dog on the trail enroute to Condor Peak in the San Gabriel mountains
Hiker standing at Condor Peak overlooking the scenery and San Gabriel Mountains
Trail to Condor Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains
Condor Peak is one of the less traveled hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains, probably because it’s 16 miles (round-trip)! Get an early start for this challenging adventure, best done during the cooler months.
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POST's 2023 Hiking Calendar

Find the Best Hike for Every Month of the Year

POST 2023 hiking calendar hiking couple
POST 2023 hiking calendar trail
POST 2023 hiking calendar hikers
POST 2023 hiking calendar beach at sunset
Start the new year off right by heading outdoors for a hike. Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) curated a (complimentary) 2023 hiking calendar that provides all the inspiration you’ll need!
Get the 2023 POST Hiking Calendar

Purely Wild

Hike Channel Islands Santa Cruz Island to Potato Harbor and Cavern Point

Hiker walking along the North Bluff Trail on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park
Campground sign and Cavern Point sign at Santa Cruz Islands, Channel Islands National Park
Two hikers at Santa Cruz Island Channel Islands National Park
Channel Islands National Park lives up to its nickname as “North America’s Galapagos.” This less-traveled national park is an undeveloped and isolated series of five dramatic and distinct islands reached by boat. Hike the largest of the islands, Santa Cruz.
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Simply Boutiful!

Stroll Lake Vista Trail around a hidden reservoir at Malibou in Malibu

We know you’ve heard of Malibu, but have you heard of Malibou? Yes, that’s right, Malibou … located in … Malibu! It’s a private reservoir created by two dams in a small residential community. See it on the scenic 2.25-mile Lake Vista Trail.
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Beauty and the Beach

Visit Garrapata State Park for bluffside hiking and a beautiful beach in Monterey

Sweeping, romantic, and vast, Garrapata State Park has all the stuff of swoon-worthy scenery. There’s a magical beach backed by hulking cliffs with a hiking trail we like best in the later afternoon, when the beach can be blissfully deserted.
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Get Hetched!

Backpack to Rancheria Falls in Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Valley

Backpacking to Rancheria Falls in Hetch Hetchy Valley Yosemite
Backpacker in Yosemite Hetch Hetchy
Waterfall on trail in Hetch Hetchy Yosemite
Hetch Hetchy oasis in Yosemite
Enjoy top-notch valley views on this 13-mile moderately strenuous backpacking trip highlighting some of Yosemite's best scenery. A bonus: This part of the park attracts fewer visitors than the much more famous valley
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Triumphant in Triunfo

Hike Among Wildflowers at Triunfo Creek Park near Thousand Oaks

Hikers by the reservoir at Triunfo Creek Park near Thousand Oaks
Hikers on a trail at Triunfo Creek Park near Thousand Oaks
A hiker takes pictures of California Poppy at Triunfo Creek Park near Thousand Oaks
A hiker smiling at the camera on a trail with mountains in the background at Triunfo Creek Park in Southern California
Go on a hike with a peaceful reservoir, charming meadows, and beautiful spring blooms at Triunfo Creek Park near Thousand Oaks.
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Strawberry on Top

Hike to Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains

Hiker holding up Strawberry Peak sign at the summit of Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains
Hiker going up the trail to reach Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains Southern California
Hiker on the trail at Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains
Hiker going down from Strawberry Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains
There's no question that Strawberry Peak is a most challenging and rewarding peak in the front range of the San Gabriels. It’s a 7.75-mile out-and-back hike climbing 1,800 feet to unparalleled 360-degree views.
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Perris Is Always a Good Idea

Bike Around Lake Perris in the Inland Empire

Two bikers looking at the lake at Lake Perris State Recreational Area
Two people on bikes stopping to look at the lake scenery at Lake Perris in Riverside
Two bikers on the paved bike path at Lake Perris State Recreational Area in the Inland Empire
Two people at a picnic table overlooking a beach at Lake Perris State Recreational Area in the Inland Empire
Beaches and oases in the Inland Empire? Just say Perris! Bike around the Lake Perris State Recreational Area and make beach stops along the way. Then enjoy some Casey's Cupcakes.
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Big Sky SoCal

Hike Big Sky in Simi Valley Southern California

Hiker at Big Sky Trail in Simi Valley
Hiker on trail at Big Sky Trail in Simi Valley
Hiker on a trail at sunset at Big Sky Trail in Simi Valley
Hiker walking a wide open hiking trail at sunset with huge sky and mountain views in Simi Valley
When does hiking through a neighborhood feel like you’re worlds away from civilization? When you’re in SoCal's Big Sky territory! Big Sky Trail is a 4-mile loop over rolling hills, all with incredible vistas of the surrounding valley and, of course, that big blue beautiful sky.
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Bald Statement

Hike to the Summit of Bald Mountain in Sun Valley Idaho

Hiker on Bald Mountain Summit Trail in Sun Valley Idaho
Hiker at Bald Mountain Summit in Sun Valley Idaho
Hiker at the Scenic Overlook on Bald Mountain in Sun Valley Idaho
Hiker at summit of Bald Mountain overlooking the ski area in Sun Valley Idaho
If you’re going to have a rite of passage hiking in Sun Valley, the hike to the summit of Bald Mountain is one to check off your list. This 5-mile (one-way) trek requires some stamina, yet richly rewards with a variety of views and vantages, abundant wildflowers, and the chance to combine a free chairlift and gondola ride back down.
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    Swing into this 7.1-mile hike in the hills of Half Moon Bay! It’s got gorgeous views, fields of spring wildflowers, and a hidden rustic tree swing.

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  1. Hiker overlooking Bear Gulch Reservoir at Pinnacles National Park near Monterey

    Pinnacles of Spring

    Why hike at Pinnacles National Park? Spring's a beautiful time of year here. And you might spy the magnificent California condor soaring while you gain soaring views from the High Peaks Trail.

  2. Caves in Mojave

    No one expects to see caves when they visit the desert, and that’s part of what makes Mitchell Caverns in the Mojave Desert such an interesting place. Go on a two-hour guided adventure tour through Mitchell Caverns in Providence Mountains State Recreation Area.

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    Port of Call

    Nestled by the sea on the majestic Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, Port Townsend is for travelers who treasure small town charm and natural beauty.

  4. Lava Lava

    Once a land of volcanic activity, Mojave National Preserve shares plenty about its past via a quick yet adventurous hike to the Lava Tube in the Cima Dome Volcanic Field.